Tuesday, January 22, 2013


   This weekend had a surprise in order for me when I knocked on a friend's door to find out that another friend's mother passed after a tough nine-month fight with ALS. 
   Mary loved going to the ocean when she was able to and there were many attempts made by her and her son, Josh.  Sadly she became so weak from her disease that Josh and her were not able to make the trip. 
   When I found out that the crew was going to Pacific Beach, I threw my plans out the window and jumped in the car. 
   It was a great decision because the thought of giving my buddy a big hug was all I could think about through the drive and the look on his face after I stepped out the car was all I needed to know it was going to be a special trip. 
   We spent the weekend doing what friends and family do, laugh, share stories, eat well and enjoy one another's company. 
   Mary would have wanted that.  She was a sweet soul who cared deeply for her sons.  The strength and love I witnessed between Josh and her was always tender and moving.  
   Mamasanti was looking down and smiling because even though she couldn't physically be there, she was and will always be in our hearts.

       May you finally rest in peace Mary and know that we will take care of your son.