Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Biking in Yellowstone

     I live in Montana, mountains are cool, what do you expect?  Everywhere you look there is a mountain with a name.  If you're fortunate, there is a signpost nearby.  For those eagle scouts out there, a detailed topography map and compass.  Put me in the former group.

     Yellowstone opened today!  For bikes and walkers that is.  The west highway from Mammoth Hot Springs to West Yellowstone opened to outdoor enthusiasts on either foot or wheel.  I took the opportunity to drive up to Mammoth and get my first Spring ride in.  For the occasion I threw a new chain and some click-in pedals on the ride.  I figured I might as well get serious about the bike gear and pony up some cash for shoes and pedals.  Best investment yet.  To my initial dismay, just past the car barricade, the asphalt looked like it had been replaced with a dirt road.  My first thought was that I should have brought the mountain bike I don't own.  Thankfully, 50 yards ahead uphill the road showed its true color.  Fairly smooth pavement.

        I was unsure of how far I should go.  So to Norris would be my destination.  42 miles roundtrip.
I'd say the road is mostly up hill to Norris.  Which made the return trip that much more fun.  Cruising in big gears all the way back.  What a relief. That was my longest ride to date.  But that record will be surpassed next weekend.  If it's nice out, I'll keep on trucking to Madison.  I'm looking forward to seeing see more buffalo, mudpots, waterfalls, and sunshine too.

       Oh, hey Mt. Holmes!  Thanks for the boost earlier.  I'll get you back next time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 How does it look 
when split in two;
What do you have?
a photon with shoes.
           In the Sun, slick sidewalks lose their hold.

 Raise your hands if you like tan lines!

 Postcard worthy?

20 different
paintings lie visible 
                                                                                                            atop their ancestors

Lone Peak, Big Sky, MT

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break in MT

Last week was Spring Break, so instead of driving all the way down to Laramie to visit my sister (sorry, we'll see each other this summer) I went up to Whitefish for a bit of snowboarding and to check out Stumptown Art Studio again.  The latter is becoming one of my favorite places in the state.  I always get inspired in there.  The people working, the mantra; they got a cool thing going on up there.  Maybe it's Glacier's stark cool blue ice sending down its healing waters towards Flathead Lake.  I'd like to find out one day, but leaving the magic be a mystery is fine by me.

Flathead lake, looking North

13th Annual Nate Chute

I want this chandelier.  Stained glass is always cool.

He's made from felt!

A birthday present.  Later on it was melted down and all the
glass was fused together, then slumped into a candle holder shape.
I still haven't seen it past this stage.  I'm quite curious.

Kalispell original 
Wouldn't this make a cool piggy bank, albeit a heavy one.