Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tour de Cure

The Tour de Cure is coming to Redmond, Wash in May.  I started Team RAD (Riders Against Diabetes) to bring awareness and funds to the American Diabetes Association.  This is our team logo.  I hope that there is enough time to have the image put on some cycling jerseys.

If you want to donate or join the team go to the link below and join the cause in fighting diabetes.

Monday, January 28, 2013

IT Band Issues

As I searched through the internet looking for treatments for IT band issues, almost all the authors started out their articles stating every runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. has experienced pain near the knee.  I guess it's my time to shine because after about 3 miles my right knee starts screaming. 

I tell you this because I'll be starting a rehab series tomorrow.  Jason Fitzgerald from Strength Running has a great blog that I have used as a resource in the past.  This just happens to be my first time mentioning him.  Hopefully the exercises below will alleviate the pain and make me stronger.

In the meanwhile I'm going to increase my weekly swim mileage because it's super low right now.  I've been getting more comfortable and having more fun in the water with new drills.  Also I'm going to keep the cycling workouts to purely aerobic training so as not aggravate my knee further.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Exploring

When I went to Boundary Bay Brewery to watch the Seahawks play against the Falcons (don't worry it's the last time I'll mention it) I met a couple who are big into running.  We cheered and moaned in those three hours but we also chatted about the local running and triathlon clubs.  They told me that I needed to head down to the Klicks running store and introduce myself to the owners.  A couple of days later I made my way downtown and had a great conversation with those guys.  Since I'm pinching pennies, I restrained myself from getting new gear.  Though I did purchase a map of the Chuckanut and Blanchard Forest trails. 

The Fragrance Lake 20k ( http://www.bellinghamtrail.com/p/fragrance-lake-10k20k.html ) is coming up on Feb. 17 and I felt the need to orient myself in that area.  Yesterday afternoon I drove out to the Arroya Park off Old Samish Way to start my exploring.  It's a beautiful area with a trail winding along the Chuckanut Creek with a wooden bride that leads into the northern part of the trail system.

Start-Arroyo Park - Hemlock Tr. - N. Lost Lake Tr. - Madrona Crest - Hemlock Tr. - Arroyo Park

Once across the creek I found myself on Hemlock Trail which will travel all the way to Cedar Lake and Pine lake but I'll save that route for another day.  I got off Hemlock and headed Southwest onto N. Lost Lake Tr. passing trees covered in heavy moss and a body of water that had huge sheets of ice covering it.  There was snow in the shadowy areas also.  I didn't want to turn this jog into a super adventure because the light was waning so I turned north onto Madrona Crest.

Madrona Crest

Coming down Madrona Crest my right IT band started to get a little tender.  I haven't had any problems with my knees lately so I was little concerned.  My pace definitely slowed even though I was going downhill.  The compression was starting to really inflame my knee.  Once I got back on Hemlock Tr. I took a few stops to capture how beautiful this area is.

Ferns Galore!

Depending on how wet this weekend and how my knee feels I'd like to follow the Fragrance Lake 20k route to get a feel for it so I don't take a wrong turn during the race.   Maybe I'll even get a chance to join in with some others.  Solo running is great for focus and training but after a few hours I wouldn't mind chatting with someone.  Until the next time, go do something neat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


   This weekend had a surprise in order for me when I knocked on a friend's door to find out that another friend's mother passed after a tough nine-month fight with ALS. 
   Mary loved going to the ocean when she was able to and there were many attempts made by her and her son, Josh.  Sadly she became so weak from her disease that Josh and her were not able to make the trip. 
   When I found out that the crew was going to Pacific Beach, I threw my plans out the window and jumped in the car. 
   It was a great decision because the thought of giving my buddy a big hug was all I could think about through the drive and the look on his face after I stepped out the car was all I needed to know it was going to be a special trip. 
   We spent the weekend doing what friends and family do, laugh, share stories, eat well and enjoy one another's company. 
   Mary would have wanted that.  She was a sweet soul who cared deeply for her sons.  The strength and love I witnessed between Josh and her was always tender and moving.  
   Mamasanti was looking down and smiling because even though she couldn't physically be there, she was and will always be in our hearts.

       May you finally rest in peace Mary and know that we will take care of your son.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I've been a bad blogger but I am going to try and change that.  Lots of events have happened since I last posted something on here.  Here's a quick recap:

Rode through Glacier National Park (Sept.)

Moved back to Washington state (Sept.)

Competed in the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon where I 
qualified for Nationals coming up this August in Milwaukee (Sept.)

Ran a couple of 5k's with some friends.  
This one being the Inaugural Mustache Dache (Nov.)

My brother and his girlfriend came up for Thanksgiving.  
That's us and my Dad on the end at Pike Place Brewery (Nov.)

Worked part time installing new fiber optic cables (Dec.)

Discovered the Port Gamble trail system (Dec.)

And transferred to Western Washington University (Jan.)

I am going to try and come here more often.  Now that I'm a full-time student again I would think there wouldn't be much time left for blogging after long days in the library and afternoons exploring the area but I think there will be more in the future to share.  Next time I should have a Summer race schedule finalized to offer.  Until then, go out and do something neat.