Monday, January 28, 2013

IT Band Issues

As I searched through the internet looking for treatments for IT band issues, almost all the authors started out their articles stating every runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. has experienced pain near the knee.  I guess it's my time to shine because after about 3 miles my right knee starts screaming. 

I tell you this because I'll be starting a rehab series tomorrow.  Jason Fitzgerald from Strength Running has a great blog that I have used as a resource in the past.  This just happens to be my first time mentioning him.  Hopefully the exercises below will alleviate the pain and make me stronger.

In the meanwhile I'm going to increase my weekly swim mileage because it's super low right now.  I've been getting more comfortable and having more fun in the water with new drills.  Also I'm going to keep the cycling workouts to purely aerobic training so as not aggravate my knee further.