Saturday, December 3, 2011

Too Much Technology

I've decided that from now until January 11, which is when I start school again, I am going to make a piece of artwork everyday.  There is ample time to pursue all of my hobbies for several hours each.  Due to my chosen unemployment.  Yesterday I spent a few hours on garageband working on my sweet techno song.  Being my first attempt at layering so many loops.  I'm quite proud of it.  So there is a way for you to listen to it but you'll have to suffer through looking at some highlights of a my summer road trip through Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon and the greater Yellowstone National Park.  I call the song Afternoon Jaunt because I picture a stick figure with a bounce in his step walking through the park but coming across some angry dogs who are then distracted by a hot dog vendor, so our protagonist keeps on strolling.   I am going to try and put up my daily art pieces, IF I deem them worthy of public viewing.