Friday, December 16, 2011

In The Great White North

After my successful weekend of finding an apartment and registering for classes for when I return to Bozeman in January, I traveled up to Whitefish (also known as Stumptown) to visit my friend Mike.  He's had to work during the days so I roamed around this resort town full of saloons.  It's definitely a ski/snowboard bum town but also a destination for families with the all of the gift shops and a co-op art studio.  That's where I've been spending the last couple of days, working on a couple of mosaic pieces.
This is the top of the box.  
I recently drew a Peruvian Lilly for a friend's birthday, 
so this is what was floating around in my head at the time.
This is the inside of the box.  I wanted to do something a little more geometric after seeing so many beautiful Moorish tiles in Andalucía in Spain.