Saturday, February 2, 2013

Race Calender

Finally, I have nailed down a race plan for the 2013.  Honestly I've been reluctant to post this list, but after registering for the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals this afternoon, the green light lit up.

*$   Februrary 17        Fragrance Lake 10k
*     March 3               Stewart Mt. 15k
       March 16             Runnin' O' the Green 5mi
       April 6                 Rainman Indoor Triathlon-Silverdale
*     April 13               Alger Alp 25k
       April 28               Mount Rainier Duathlon
*     May 5                  Little Mountain 10k
**   May 28                Spring Festival Super Sprint Moses Lake
*     June 1                  Pine & Cedar Hill Climb 4.5mi
       June 8                  Vashon Island 10mi
$     June                     Lake Padden Triathlon
       July 7                  Vashon Island Exterra Off-Road Triathlon
       July 13                 Ocean Shores 70.3
*     July 28                 Chuckanut Mountain 12k
A$- August 10            USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships
       August 24            Lake Sammamish Sprint
       September 7         Lake Stevens Olympic
**   September 15      Kirkland Sprint
-A- September 21       Grand Columbian Iron distance

*      races in the Bellinghan Trail Running Series- cumulative points
**    races I did last year that I'd like to repeat
$      signed up
-A-   races that my training revolve around
 -Lake Stevens & Kirkland- I'm on the fence because they are so close to my Iron race.

Below are marathons I'm entertaining for the Fall.   

November 10   Bellingham Trail Marathon
November 23   Wishbone Marathon- Gig Harbor
November 23   Ghost of Seattle Marathon
November 25   Seattle Marathon
December 31    Last Chance Marathon- Bellingham
December 31    Yukon Do It- Port Orchard

Of course all of these are subject to change based on monetary funds and health.  Except those I've already paid for then I'll just have to suck it up and march forth.