Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pre-Race Nerves

Tomorrow is my first race of the year and honestly I am not ready.  When I signed up for the Fragrance Lake 10k my training was going well or so I thought.  There were long days, intervals, hills, and plenty of trails.  Three weeks ago I got a hint that I was riding the line of over-training when my knee started hurting.  I've ran once since then and it hurt on the way back. 

After lots of research on how to diagnosis and treat (I even spoke to a physical therapist who was doing a talk at Western), I've been biking and swimming to keep fitness while doing specific strength training and stretching to my glutes and hamstrings.  It's been somewhat easy to lay off the running because the weather's been so gloomy but with the race tomorrow, I'm getting anxious with questions.  Has the inflammation gone down?  Will the downhill do me in? 

This afternoon I am going for a 3 mile run at a slow pace on flat ground to see how it feels.  I'll do some strides to feel my speed out.  Not that tomorrow's race will be very fast considering there's 1,200 feet of climbing but the downhill could require some fast leg turnover.   I'm hoping that everything goes well and I can start building my mileage again.  Either way, expect a race report soon.