Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A lot of time has passed since I've posted and quite a bit has happened since then.  I finished my first semester back in college, spent all of May in WA, completed my first triathlon, and I donated all of my hair to Locks of Love.  I'd say that was a pretty good start to the summer.

Now that I'm back in Bozeman, it's time to refocus on some of my priorities.  Namely improving my Spanish, finding a job, and practicing some smarter training for my future races.  There are two Spanish clubs here that I'll be joining this week.  One through the school and the other through couchsurfing.org.  These will reinforce the learning I'll be doing in my class and provide some time to practice it off the cuff.

Have I ever mentioned what a great program couchsurfing is?  Well if I haven't, I'd like to say that it has been very helpful in meeting new people in the area and other travelers like myself (even though I haven't done much lately).  There are less than a million people living in MT but it receives over four million visitors each year.  I'm looking forward to meeting some of these travelers this Summer.  Hopefully I'll have some time to get out there and appreciate this beautiful area with them.

Just a heads up, I'm going to get a bit random from this point.

Back in early March made a piece of art for my sister's birthday.  I posted a photo of it before it had gone in the kiln.  This is the finished form.  You can see the waves in it.  This was planned so that a candle could rest in the center.  I really like how the background glass adds a movement of passing wind.  I hope I can do some more experimenting in the future. If you ever go to Whitefish, MT, check out Stumptown Art Center.  They've got a neat thing going on up there.

The Black Keys handling business at the Key Arena.  
Super talented guys with blues in the soul and rock 'n roll running through their veins.
My friend Steve has got a nice bloom going on in his front yard.  These Irises were flooding the hill with such a vibrant color.  I wanted to snip a few but thought they were too pretty to take. 
I spent all of May at my parent's house helping with some projects.  The neighbors got a new puppy.  She's a Shiba Inu and she liked sitting on this rock watching us work in the yard.