Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break in MT

Last week was Spring Break, so instead of driving all the way down to Laramie to visit my sister (sorry, we'll see each other this summer) I went up to Whitefish for a bit of snowboarding and to check out Stumptown Art Studio again.  The latter is becoming one of my favorite places in the state.  I always get inspired in there.  The people working, the mantra; they got a cool thing going on up there.  Maybe it's Glacier's stark cool blue ice sending down its healing waters towards Flathead Lake.  I'd like to find out one day, but leaving the magic be a mystery is fine by me.

Flathead lake, looking North

13th Annual Nate Chute

I want this chandelier.  Stained glass is always cool.

He's made from felt!

A birthday present.  Later on it was melted down and all the
glass was fused together, then slumped into a candle holder shape.
I still haven't seen it past this stage.  I'm quite curious.

Kalispell original 
Wouldn't this make a cool piggy bank, albeit a heavy one.