Wednesday, December 4, 2013

31 days of Running

December may not be the best month to try and run every day but I'm giving it a shot.  So far I'm on track.  I might even set a monthly record but I'm not trying.  Tomorrow will be tough because I ran further today than I planned.  I had to keep going to make it back to the truck and I was definitely getting close to hitting the wall.  My legs weren't moving as fast as I wanted and I started singing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" except with the words "Bonking Around the Chuckanut"  I even got in a few verses between gasps of air.  Tomorrow will be an easy day, 5-6 miles around Sehome with the Klicks crew.

12/1-  6  miles, 1,000ft
12/2- 11 miles, 800ft
12/3-  3  miles, indoor
12/4- 17 miles, 3,000ft