Friday, May 3, 2013

Checking In

It's been a week since I last posted and for good reason.  I've been riding my bike like a madman (at least for me.)  A week from tomorrow I'll be riding 100 miles in one day (well 98.8, but who's counting?) for the Tour de Cure in Redmond, Wash.  It will be my first century ride and all for a great cause.  Speaking of that, I received an email this morning from the organization stating that in order to participate in the ride I need to raise a total of 200 dollars.  I found this notice a bit concerning because I've raised just over a hundred and I'm not sure how to ask for more. 

Social media and emails have been utilized, but it doesn't seem to be enough.  Now, I understand this economy isn't conducive for fundraising, but I really want to participate and any amount should be enough.  So, if any of you have some spare change lying around, I would really appreciate if you could follow the link below and donate.  It's become common knowledge in this country that Diabetes is becoming more prevalent.  Donations would fund research and clinical trials aimed at finding a cure, hence the name. 

This is the ride.  There's about 5,000 feet of elevation.

Now on to the good stuff.  First off, running and swimming are on the backburner because I had some concern about my ability to ride in the saddle that long.  I write "had" because I'm stoked right now on my bicycle fitness.  This week has been a huge ramp up in mileage.  Here's a quick recap of the differences between last week and this week.

Mon. 4/22: 20 miles (hill specific to build some strength)
Tues. 4/23: 11 mile Run (tempo)
Wed. 4/24: 20 miles (steady effort on flat ground, mostly)
Thur. 4/25: 20 miles (with a 2.5mile run after)
Sat. 4/27: 9 mile Run (long and slow)
Bike mileage: 62 miles      Bike time: 3hr 50min      Bike elevation: 3,653 feet
Run mileage: 23 miles        Run time: 3hr 17min      Run elevation: 1,228 feet
Total mileage: 85 miles      Total time: 8hr 11min     Total elevation: 4,881 feet

Mon. 4/29: 2 hours (on a trainer, watching "The Untouchables", it was raining)
Tues. 4/30: 7 mile Run (started with a tough, uphill 5k at race pace, then eased back for the rest)
Wed. 5/1: 60 miles (a heart rate ride in Zone 2 except for a monster hill)   
Thur. 5/2: 18 miles (hill specific on fatigued legs)
Fri. 5/3: 31 miles (long and slow with hills mixed in)

Bike mileage: 148 miles      Bike time: 8hr 13 min     Bike elevation: 5,325 feet
Run mileage: 7 miles            Run time: 55min             Run elevation:   367 feet
Total mileage: 155 miles      Total time: 9hr 8min      Total elevation: 5,692 feet

Tomorrow is a rest day but Sunday my plan is to do 75 to 85 miles with 3,000 feet.  Currently this week is my heaviest in terms of mileage and time ever, but I feel great.  Processed foods are out the window and most of my carbohydrates are coming from a variety of fruits, legumes, and potatoes.  It's really quite amazing what the body is capable of, if fueled correctly.  

Next week will be a lot less intense.  My plan is to run Monday and Wednesday and ride Tuesday and Thursday.  I'll rest Friday, so I should be nice and fresh for the "Big Ride."  

Have a great weekend everyone!