Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bellingham Triathlon Club TT

One month from today I will be riding with the Tour de Cure.   It's going to be my first crack at a century.  To get more into the cycling spirit I have decided to race in a Time Trial this evening.  It is an out and back of 14.4 miles that climbs away from the entrance to Lake Padden, drops down and circles Lake Samish.  We have to climb back over and down to the start/finish at Padden.  My goal is to finish in under 43 minutes.  That'll give me a 20mph average.  Which means I'll have to push the pace during the middle flat section to make up time for the two slow hills.  I'll keep you informed.

In no way will I be racing for 100 miles next month but the TT should be a lot of fun. This is just what I need to kick start a big month-long training block of cycling.  I've gotta get more saddle time in before May just to make sure I can finish the ride without bonking.  I hate to put running to the side, but four weeks of serious biking should turn into lower times and therefore more fun.