Friday, March 1, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

   No anniversary or anything.  I just want to say how awesome my bike is.  Over a thousand miles of mountain climbs and prairie views on this bike has changed my life.  I am healthier in my thirties than I ever considered during my twenties.  After many bike reviews and dimension comparisons I pulled the trigger on this great eBay item in October of 2011.
   '10 Felt F75, 52cm. Aluminum frame, carbon fork/seatpost/seat stays.  It came with 105 shifters, 105 F/R derailleurs/brakes, compact ultegra crank.
   I'm on my second seat of new tires and too many tubes.  The new Bontrager Hilo RXL saddle feels more comfortable in the drops and aero.  I haven't gone a long distance in the seat yet but I'm sure it'll feel fine.  Big improvement there.
   The old factory saddle had a nose as hard as a table corner.  Imagine a flat 60 miler in aero on that.  Not the best ride.  The fun factor goes sky-high when you have the right saddle and fit.
   I'm looking forward to logging some more miles here as the temperatures start rising again.  The rain I don't mind but the cold goes right up the shoe vents and freezes my toes.  Even with neoprene booties on, after two hours I'm losing a bit of feeling.  The trainer will have to do for now.  So here's to Spring on it's way!
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