Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orchestral Indie Art

This being the inaugural post it's about one of my favorite things.  Music.  I'm talking all types.  Even country occasionally.  Everybody loves a good story but not all appreciate a twang or drawl.
The past weekend I went to a couple of shows.  Saturday was Hey Marseilles with my buddy Ray.  This band was super energetic last year at the Fremont Dive so, while purchasing the tickets I thought to myself, "I better get four because everyone's going to want to go to this show."  Well I learned that none of my friends are as obsessed with them as I.  Nonetheless the opening acts were entertaining and acoustic, keeping to the theme.  Hey Marseilles showed off their new songs and got the crowd riled up with their old stuff.
Fellow revelers enjoying Neptune's underwater feel. 12Nov11

Normally I can say I've got Irish luck, which isn't lucky at all, but I won a couple of free tickets to We Were Promised Jetpacks.  All I had to do was send an e-mail.  Can't say I've never won anything now.  My friend bailed so it was a solo show for me.  Which I don't mind.  It gave me a chance to formulate my thoughts on the first band, Bear Hands.
Driving bass and drum lines/Celestial harmonies rising/Through the offbeats/A slide into the middle/Between genres/A longing voice cuts/Through undulating rhythms/Pausing/For guitar echoes
-Got me moving
We Were Promised Jetpacks had the crowd jumping and swaying.  Usually the lead guitarist is not the singer but Adam was piecing together a wide arrangement of chords in quick time all while singing just like the album.  Impressive.  If you're feeling like youth is slipping go see these guys and you may forget your age.  Just make sure to toss a few back during.  C'mon they're Scottish.  Have a single-malt.